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Laurent Lacotte - sophrologist
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A life of well-being

Laurent Lacotte is sophrologist specialized in the practice of cardiac coherence, sleep, addictions and tinnitus works in a multidisciplinary firm in the Hauts de France.

His sophrologist diploma, recognized by the state, allows him to be attentive to the progress, the novelties of the alternative medicine " known as prevention because of course, the sophrology does not replace medical practice.
He has thus supported many people in difficulty in their daily lives, young and old in order to give his patients a more harmonious life and more aligned with their nature.


Laurent Lacotte sophologue

Tinnitus training

Tinnitus: 20 million French people feel tinnitus and 6 million often say they are embarrassed ... appropriate and protocol load for patients suffering from tinnitus and / or hyperacusis. Indeed, even if anxiety does not by itself trigger the tinnitus, it can strengthen them. To break the vicious cycle of stress, by controlling the cascading emotions, we can get help from sophrology.

Sophrology network

The sophrologyNetwork: the site is available in English version because Laurent also offers accompaniments in English. It is naturally part of the network of sophrologists created by Florence Pasteur and Dominique Antigllio among others. Dominique currently having the wind in its sails across the Channel. If you are interested, the link is HERE.

Registered with SSI

The SSI, a recent and modern union headed by an experienced sophrologist, Alain Giraud. Laurent has been part of this union since 2018 and has recently been involved in the legal committee, so he is at your service on this subject if you need to. You will find a lot of useful information on the site. Information is daily and updated.

Test the well-being!

What is sophrology?

Sophrology is felt, experienced and it is difficult to explain its mechanism, but we will work together to make your breathing more pleasant. We will perform dynamic relaxation exercises that will allow you to free yourself from the physical and mental tensions that burden you. Then, we will move towards positive visualizations that will give you back confidence and joie de vivre.

After a few sessions, the effects are often as follows:

  • A more comfortable step back in the face of different situations
  • Better management of stress and emotions
  • A more positive and light state of mind
  • Apeace, calm and general relaxation
  • A mrediscovered motivation, concentration and efficiency
  • The natural implementation of projects,  decision making.


Test the sophro!

Created by Professor A. Caycedo in the 1960s, his method, which he wanted to be accessible to as many people as possible, offers tools for living in balance.

The fields of application are vast and I have specialized in certain sleep support, addictions, tinnitus, but also teenagers, sport ...

a program of 10 sessions (5 specific sessions after the first 5 sessions of self-discovery)  to live differently your food, your sleep, your senses ...

Without any judgment, we will move forward together to make a process of coming back to oneself and of change. You will trust each other again!

Once the dynamic relaxation exercises and breathing are in place, the patient gets to know himself better and becomes an actor of his own "therapy".

"When we do something for the first time, it interests me; when we repeat the same thing dozens of times, it annoys it; if we do it a thousand times, it transforms it."

I can offer you support over 5/10 sessions ... to experience your transformation in a different way.

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We offer a range of natural products, good for us but also for the planets. Do not hesitate to discover our ranges of products that are good for you!

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